Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"So, Pennsylvania Republicans are now trying to tell women what they can do with their bodies?"

Its not just Republicans…men (period)?
How can any man, “really” speak to what a woman does or does not do with her reproductive system. Just for clarity, and not to sound sexist. I feel that we need to hear more voices of those with experience and have a uterus.

I think we should be speaking more to this point despite being Republican or Democrat. Is this a Democratic or Republican thing…should it be a political issue up for “discussion”? Why does it even matter?

In retrospect...When it comes down to the everyday realities of many women, not just in Pennsylvania...I am speaking about across the nation, and really, world-wide...Republican or Democrat, when it comes down to the uterus, it really does not make a difference.

For example, when a woman has issues with fibroids, uterine cancer, menopause, menstruation, miscarriages, being pregnant in her tubes, or having to decide on an abortion....or some who cannot bear children...

For any woman, and speaking from experience, the reproductive system, birth control etc it is an intimate issue not a political one. I remember my mother giving birth to my little brother. The pain, the pressure, the breathing…the living, while dying, yet giving life out of love is the only way I can describe it. Can I ask, how many men know what it feels like t give birth? Or to go through the emotional and physical pangs of having an abortion?

I know when I am at the doctor, especially a OBGYN, as multitudes of women, I take that seriously. When the doctor not only touches and looks at our most intimate parts, that can be a scary experience, where most women are most vulnerable. Who dares makes decisions about and for my uterus except me.

And to those who are elected, speaking as a voter...I look to those who make decisions, to make the best ones, not just based off current laws and legislation...I want someone who understands me not just as a voter...as a human being.

Now if we are talking about jobs and social and economic justice...that is where politics come into play. When are we going to get it? People are not pawns on a chess board. People want paychecks, and opportunity...Makes me wonder, how can one consider this a democracy if all those who live here, do not experience democracy and all that it entails...?

In this day and time, and economic climate…I would love to hear less on what they are proposing about my reproductive system and more about how they are creating jobs, increasing funding in education, fixing our roadways, bridges and unsafe streets. That is what affects me. Do you know how many tires I have lost due to this atrocity? What has been done?

How can the education system be unstable, underfunded and all we hear about is more budget cuts? The education system is the one of the only things that is going to allow Pennsylvania to grow and compete in the high-tech global economy of tomorrow.

Our children must become strategic, smarter, faster and better to compete. We need to grow as a state. Our future and the lives of our children depend on it. Let us spend more time talking about the real issues and the issues that matter most to the people.


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